The Importance of Well-Lit House Numbers

Fire Departments and Police Departments are in agreement...visible house numbers save lives!

Your house numbers should be clearly visible from the street, and well lit at night. They should not be blocked by any trees or bushes. They should be either light numbers on a dark background, or dark numbers on a light background. The numbers should be large enough to be seen easily from across the street.

Numbers should be well-lit at night. This can be accomplished by having a light above or below the numbers or with lit numbers that are wired or plugged in. We can not recommend solar powered numbers, due to their high rate of failure.

Use actual numerals; do not have the number spelled out in script. Script numbers are hard to see and take time to read. By the time the Emergency Personnel can make out what they say, they may already have passed your house, and will have to go around the block, wasting precious moments.

Encourage your neighbors and friends to have visible house numbers. If we can see their numbers as we are driving down the block, it makes it easier for us to find you.