Fall Safety Information

As the weather turns colder throughout much of the country, the Albertson Fire Department urges all residents to have a professional inspection of all fuel-burning heating systems - including furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, water heaters and space heaters - to detect potentially deadly carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. Under certain conditions, all appliances that burn fuels can leak deadly CO. These fuels include kerosene; oil; coal; both natural and liquefied petroleum gas; and wood. Having a professional inspection of your fuel-burning heating appliances is the first line of defense against the silent killer, carbon monoxide poisoning,

Here are some other important safety tips for the family.  Just click on any topic for more information.


We have had a few days with that little “nip” in the air. How cozy it is to feel the warmth of a fire in the woodstove or fireplace. Now is the time to think ahead to cold winter nights and burning wood safely.  Take the following steps to protect your family and property:

  • have your chimney cleaned
  • clean your woodstove
  • remove clutter which may have accumulated on or near the stove or fireplace
  • be sure your chimney is lined and liner is in good condition
  • be sure chimney bricks and mortar are in good condition
  • do not have more than one heating device in a single flue (liner)
  • “put in” (as we say here in Maine) a good supply of dry wood


  • test all smoke alarms
  • place an alarm on each floor to give advance warning
  • practice a family fire drill of what all members of the family would do if the smoke alarm went off


Burning candles, although romantic or necessary due to a power outage, can be very dangerous.

  • never leave a burning candle unattended
  • do not use around small children or pets
  • do not place near combustible items
  • be sure to place on a stable base


  • do not leave where children can get them
  • store matches in a non-combustible container


Fires can start from lint collected in dryer vents, clean them out regularly, along with cleaning the filter after each load.


Fall is a good time to really look around our property and take care of those maintenance problems which could cause a slip and fall in the winter months.

  • be sure outdoor lighting is adequate
  • repair porches and steps
  • put summer items away from porches and lawns so that someone won’t trip and fall
  • have a sand supply ready for the soon to be icy walks and driveways

Now is the time to prepare your home for the winter months ahead.

  • clean out gutters of leaves and debris
  • check roof shingles to be sure they are in good condition for wind, ice and snow
  • check windows for deteriorated sills and putty to prevent water damage to walls and ceilings
  • take a look at large trees on your property and remove trees and limbs which appear rotted and could fall on your property in winter storms


  • school is in session, allow yourself extra time
  • stop for school buses
  • slow down when approaching children on the side of the road
  • watch for children who may dart out from between cars
  • be courteous, a child’s life is not worth the “rush”
  • protect our children